How JupiterOne Works

Why interrupt what’s already in orbit when JupiterOne integrates with what you have? JupiterOne provides a centralized view to secure your digital operations by ingesting data from various sources across your digital infrastructure and security controls.

Open. Extensible. Robust. Secure.

JupiterOne’s architecture is designed to be your single-source of truth for security operations and compliance. By ingesting data from various sources across your digital infrastructure and controls, users have a complete picture of their security posture from one place. JupiterOne’s architecture maximizes flexibility and extensibility. The integrations and automation built into JupiterOne allows security teams to go from survey-driven security to data-driven security.


JupiterOne’s platform seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and security environment simplifying the tedious, error-prone collection of cyber asset information.

J1 Apps

JupiterOne Apps puts you in command of your entire enterprise providing cyber asset visibility, cloud governance, and a simplified approach to compliance.


Security operations teams are highly distributed and self-managed. To help our customers “Power Up”, we offer an open-sourced endpoint agent; our lightweight approach ensures that users can quickly configure, detect, and remediate their own endpoint devices.

Partner Ecosystem

JupiterOne further enables cloud-native organizations by partnering with Compliance Assessors, Security Consultancies, Managed Security Services Providers and other Cloud Technologies.

Your Single Source of Truth

Reduce over 90% of time spent entering and maintaining data
Make security less subjective and more accurate
Achieve continuous compliance
Enable easier and more actionable cross-team collaboration

J1 Power-ups
JupiterOne Core
AWS / GCP / Azure (cloud)
Github / Bitbucket (dev)
Okta / OneLogin (IdP)
Vulnerability Scanners
Security Agents
BYO Apps
Your Apps and Dashboards
Your Automation
Public APIs
Open SDK
Your Custom Data Sources
Custom Integrations
J1 Partner Solutions

Built In Compounding Value


JupiterOne’s cloud architecture is designed to streamline your security operations and maximize the value returned for the time put in. All data that is ingested from other sources is consolidated into the JupiterOne Core providing compounding value for your organization. Every time a data integration is added, operational functions are automatically applied. Similarly, every time a new operational function is added to JupiterOne’s core, it applies across the entire dataset, not just a single integration. This saves time as well as reduces the likelihood of user oversight.

Get complete visibility today.

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