Cloud Security Posture Management

JupiterOne keeps your security and compliance teams up-to-date on everything in your cloud environment. JupiterOne enumerates your cloud assets and performs deep analysis, alerting you to potential risks, compliance drift, and cloud misconfigurations.

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Beyond Traditional Cloud Security Coverage

JupiterOne goes beyond traditional approaches by combining the benefits of CMDB and CSPM in one platform. Our unique approach allows organizations to manage their environment and scale beyond traditional cloud security solutions.

Our Approach

JupiterOne Use Cases

Connecting Cloud Assets to Your Entire Cyber Universe

Many companies have a multi-cloud environment to power their organizational operations. JupiterOne offers complete coverage for all of your cloud assets and environments including visibility and protection across AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and more. We connect the dots between cloud environments and assets to non-cloud assets, users, endpoints, code repos, and more. With a unified view of your cyber universe, your teams gain full understanding of the relationships and context between all of your assets.

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Eliminate Resource Misconfigurations & Risk

One of the most painful parts of onboarding and maintaining a new security solution is manually creating resource entries and classifying them. JupiterOne avoids this altogether by integrating directly with your CSPs to continuously assess, audit, and evaluate configurations of your cloud resources. We detect compliance drift and reduce overall risk for your cloud native efforts.

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Built-in Benchmarks and Policies

Complete access to pre-built standards and frameworks including CSPM benchmarks, CIS, NIST, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and more are available in JupiterOne. Your assets are analyzed continuously via J1QL queries, detecting compliance drift to reduce overall risk for your cloud native efforts.

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Automate Team Workflows & Actions

JupiterOne connects your cloud environment and non-cloud assets to show meaningful relationship data. Our intelligent rules and alerts automate workflows including triggering ticket creation, communications, and actions to help you discover issues and compliance drift regardless of cyber asset type.

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Ask Questions of Your Cloud and Asset Data

With all of your data in one place, JupiterOne makes it simple for you to query and ask questions across all your assets. ~500 pre-built questions, queries, and dashboards are available for your convenience. Get meaningful answers with JupiterOne.

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Team DevOps: Connect Your Entire Toolchain

Integrations Improve Cloud Security

JupiterOne is the platform for your cloud security and governance requirements. Through JupiterOne’s managed integrations, teams can quickly collect identity, code repository, security tooling, endpoint, infrastructure, and ephemeral asset data and map the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment.


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Full visibility of all assets is the #1 driver for CAASM

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) is on the rise. Learn how this emerging technology complements your cloud security tools.

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