Cyber Asset
Visibility & Management

Context is everything. Relationships matter. JupiterOne’s approach to cyber asset visibility gives your teams easy to use relationship mapping of your entire digital environment. JupiterOne provides improved ability for cybersecurity professionals to understand and secure their digital universe.

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Data driven, easy to use, and accessible cybersecurity.

All of your teams (Security, DevOps, Compliance, and IT) need to have complete visibility and in-depth understanding of every relationship surrounding your critical cyber assets. Infrastructure, DevOps tools, identities, applications, security controls and findings, ephemeral devices, and much more can be tracked, monitored, secured and governed with JupiterOne.

Our Approach

JupiterOne Use Cases

Build a Complete Cyber Asset Inventory

JupiterOne integrates with your cloud environment, as well as DevOps, security and operations tooling to pull reliable configuration and relationship data into a single location. It’s the only platform you need for complete cyber governance across your digital environment.

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JupiterOne for Compliance

Understand Your Cyber Assets & Relationships

With a centralized and interactive view of your cyber assets, you’re able to gain a full understanding of the relationships between those assets. JupiterOne allows you to easily pinpoint and identify issues by simply asking a question of our platform. With JupiterOne, the answers are at your finger tips.

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Uncover Hidden Cyber Assets

Cyber asset counts continue to grow. Complete coverage of your assets means better mitigation of risks. With JupiterOne, you will discover unknown instances, user identities, CSP accounts, workloads, GitHub repositories, vulnerabilities, code commits, security awareness gaps, and more.

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Deeper Insights & Actions

When you surface complex relationships between assets deeper levels of data-driven security become available. Total visibility of your environment, operations, assets, and the relationships puts the power of security back in your hands and confidence back in your decision making.

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Continuous Compliance & Governance

Cut through the chaos and take command of your cyber operations and compliance in just a few clicks. Achieve automated evidence collection and improved data integrity, all on a single dashboard. Move beyond basic compliance and have real-time and continuous governance to avoid compliance drift.

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JupiterOne for Compliance

Systemize, Automate & Scale SecOps

Day-to-day security tasks are exhausting, repetitive, and an overall drain on the team. But with JupiterOne’s automated asset discovery, configuration monitoring, vulnerability management, and policies and compliance, you can focus instead on growing your program at warp-speed.

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Team DevOps: Connect Your Entire Toolchain

The Connecting Fabric For Your Digital Universe

Through JupiterOne’s managed integrations, teams can quickly collect identity, code repository, security tooling, endpoint, infrastructure, and ephemeral asset data and map the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment.


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Analyst Report: Security Hygiene and Posture Management

40% of organizations perform attack surface management because their attack surface is expanding.

In this Enterprise Security Group Report, discover the most common cybersecurity coverage gaps and how organizations plan to improve their security posture.

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Key Features

JupiterOne Maps Your Entire Digital Universe – At Scale

With a single dynamic platform, JupiterOne puts you in command of your enterprise with cloud governance, cyber asset visibility, and a simplified approach to compliance.

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