Identity and Access Governance

JupiterOne’s centralized user identities inventory automates user access reviews and detects permission and entitlement issues. Leverage JupiterOne by integrating with your technology and identity stacks to ensure that your systems and data are secure.

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Unify Identity & Access Governance with SecOps

JupiterOne goes beyond traditional approaches and combines the benefits of CMDB and cloud native IAM in a single platform. This approach incorporates more context for better access governance and seamless security operations.

Our Approach

JupiterOne Use Cases

Visualize User Access

JupiterOne’s Galaxy View automatically maps the relationships between all of the cyber assets. This makes it easy for security teams to complete access reviews and spot over permissions to critical resources, Understanding user access, permissions, and relationships across your assets prevent potential fraud and other dangerous risks.

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Centralized Governance of Accounts & Identities

With JupiterOne’s open-API, all your access data is accessible. Teams automates permission reviews of identities within their organization with JupiterOne’s pre-defined access policies, rules, and alerting. Everything from new employees, former employee accounts, partners, and third-partner access user accounts can be managed from JupiterOne.

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Compliance & Audits Made Simple

Regulatory frameworks often require identity assurance. JupiterOne helps teams understand end-to-end activities of users and the use of elevated access rights. JupiterOne’s Security Policy Builder enables you to map your asset security to critical security frameworks and take action. This includes both ongoing activity monitoring and continuous governance reviews to reduce risks and ensure alignment with your set security policies and rules.

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JupiterOne Compliance Dashboard

Better Security for Identity & Governance

JupiterOne connects to current IAM solutions and defines identity governance controls. Once connected you can create security policies, rules, and alerts to help you take actions to remediate unknown or unsanctioned privileges. JupiterOne enables automation of monitoring, detection, and remediation.

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Ask Questions, Understand Your Assets & Permissions

With all of your data in one place, JupiterOne makes it simple for you to query and ask questions across all your assets. Hundreds of pre-built questions, queries, and dashboards are available for your use out of the box. Security teams use JupiterOne’s query capabilities to quickly discover changes or vulnerabilities across users, partners, and third-party vendors. Rules and alerts are configured to notify your team of critical changes or potential gaps that require review.

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Team DevOps: Connect Your Entire Toolchain

Deep Integrations Improve Identity and Access Governance

JupiterOne is the platform for your identity access and governance needs. Through JupiterOne’s managed integrations, teams can quickly collect identity, code repository, security tooling, endpoint, infrastructure, and ephemeral asset data and map the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment.


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Full visibility of all assets is the #1 driver for CAASM

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) is on the rise. Learn why this emerging technology should be on your team’s radar.

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