Healthcare Cybersecurity with JupiterOne

Innovation for healthcare often runs on a fragmented tech stack. With the average cost of healthcare breaches being the highest of all industries – $7.13 million per incident according to IBM’s “2020 Cost of a Breach Report” – compromise leaves you bleeding dollars and data.

JupiterOne provides the connecting fabric across all of the systems, giving you a centralized security operations command center to ensure PII and other sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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Centralize Your Security Operations

Protecting the integrity and privacy of patient data is synonymous with saving a patient’s life. Defense-in-depth strategies are expensive and don’t properly solve the problem of siloed information and operations.

Reduce complexity, gain rich contextual insight, and get full visibility with JupiterOne across all assets and infrastructure. Your data is too important to not centralize your security operations.


Scalable Security and Continuous Compliance

JupiterOne automatically connects the dots across policies, standards, infrastructure, identity, vulnerability management and more. Use our out-of-the-box policies (or upload your own), integrate your systems, and boom – our graph model maps the relationships for you.

Check out how JupiterOne simplifies security so you can protect sensitive data and achieve continuous compliance with a lean team.

Cyber Asset Governance and Compliance

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Cyber Asset Visibility and Management

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Cloud Security Posture Management

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Security Operations and Engineering

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Modern ‘Visibility’ for Cybersecurity and IT Asset Management

When asset types evolve, your approach to asset management must change too. It’s not enough to “know” where all your assets are. Download this whitepaper to learn how to modernize your asset management program into dynamic, scalable, cloud-native cyber asset visibility.

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