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JupiterOne was built to do what couldn’t be done, to reimagine the future of security. The result? A cloud-native security platform that connects across your siloed security tools, empowering unobstructed visibility into security risks across your entire cyber asset universe.

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Cybersecurity that’s data driven, easy to use, and accessible for all.

At JupiterOne, we believe that security is a basic right owed to every company in the world. That’s why we created an extensible platform to connect the dots between complex relationships and data, providing ultimate visibility to your environment, infrastructure, and operations so that you can be the master of your own journey.

Cyber Asset Visibility

Gather, analyze, and visualize your complete infrastructure and security cyber asset inventory, and understand the interactions and relationships between every cyber asset.

Cloud Security and Posture Management

Enumerate your cloud environment and be alerted to risks and compliance drift.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Automatically gather evidence to support compliance needs and processes to achieve continuous compliance and strong security.

Security Operations and Engineering

Security program management shouldn’t be difficult. Build a world-class security operations and engineering program on top of JupiterOne’s platform data and easy-to-use APIs.

Vulnerability & Incident Response Context

With JupiterOne’s graph-based approach and consolidated threat data and assets, VM and IR teams get context around potential issues and stay on the same page with remediation and operational priorities. Easily combine situational awareness with environmental and structural context to make critical decisions with moment’s notice.

Identity and Access Governance

Centralize user identity inventory, automate user access reviews, and analyze permissions and entitlement checks with JupiterOne. JupiterOne collects user and account assets from integrations with your security and technology stacks to provide accurate identity and access analysis capabilities.

SOC 2 Security

The standards set out in SOC 2—something that more and more enterprises expect out of the companies they work with—are about more than the design and implementation but also the continued operating effectiveness of controls. JupiterOne’s out-of-box policies, controls, procedures, and evidence collection help aspiring organizations take the guesswork out of the process and focus on a quick path to compliance.

CIS Benchmarks

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) provides best practices for securing your cloud environment in AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, and implementation is critical, not only in terms of your credibility but also in understanding where you fall in relation to industry standards. With JupiterOne, you can achieve nearly 100 percent coverage for cloud asset compliance with CIS cloud infrastructure benchmarks, and you can do it with almost entirely ready-made, pre-built queries and alerts. Simply set it and forget it.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

A truly robust path to security, the NIST cybersecurity framework has five functional areas with 97 controls. It has become the go-to standard for many CISOs and mature organizations but should not be implemented as a one-size-fits-all approach. Adoption of NIST CSF can take months, even years. With JupiterOne and our data-driven approach, NIST controls become much easier to operationalize and maintain.

PCI Compliance

If you do any sort of credit card processing, you’re required to maintain payment security. The PCI Data Security Standard is mission critical here, providing prescriptive requirements for managing and protecting cardholder data. JupiterOne helps you maintain compliance by making security a part of your everyday operations.

HIPAA Compliance

Any organization handling or interacting with electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) must be HIPAA compliant, or else face massive fines—and for good reason. The number of data breaches (and public awareness of those breaches) continues to grow as more and more healthcare data moves to the cloud. Achieve compliance with JupiterOne and be proactive with your security solutions.


Get ahead of vulnerabilities and breaches with a proactive approach that puts SecOps teams on the offensive, leveraging optimum visibility on a single cloud-native platform to get a complete security picture.


JupiterOne enables your DevOps teams to achieve security and compliance in minutes with data-driven, automated tooling so they can continue to innovate freely—all in the cloud.

Security Engineering

Automated relationship mapping across JupiterOne’s suite of easy-to-use APIs are full of contextual insights, enabling engineers to build on top of our platform, thus increasing their speed and agility.


JupiterOne puts valuable time back in IT teams’ hands, achieving deep security assurance with automated relationship-based data models that clearly and continuously reveal hidden assets.

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