Unlock Your Entire Security Program with Cyber Asset Context

Context is everything. Cyber asset visibility and its relationships are the core of your security program and strategy. We shine a light that connects across all critical facets of your security program so you can understand and take action.

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Our Approach

Use Cases

Cyber Asset Visibility & Management

JupiterOne’s approach to cyber asset visibility gives your teams easy to use relationship mapping of your entire digital environment. JupiterOne provides improved ability for cybersecurity professionals to understand and visualize their cyber asset landscape.

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Cloud Security Posture Management

JupiterOne keeps your security and compliance teams up-to-date on everything in your cloud environment. JupiterOne alerts you to risks, compliance drift, and cloud misconfigurations helping you secure your cloud infrastructure.

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Governance and Compliance

JupiterOne empowers your cybersecurity and GRC teams with a centralized compliance-as-code solution that automatically gathers evidence to support compliance needs. JupiterOne’s continuous compliance capabilities, leads to stronger security that goes beyond a single point in time.

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SecOps & Engineering

Day-to-day security operations and engineering tasks are exhausting and repetitive. Automation can often be at risk of entering a “garbage in, garbage out” type of vicious cycle. With JupiterOne, cyber assets are the foundation of your security approach. Using JupiterOne’s APIs and fully mapped data, it’s easy to build automations and workflows to deliver on any security engineering and operations task in your queue.

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Vulnerability & Incident Response Context

With JupiterOne’s graph-based approach and consolidated threat data and assets, VM and IR teams get context around potential issues and stay on the same page with remediation and operational priorities. Easily combine situational awareness with environmental and structural context to make critical decisions with a moment’s notice.

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Identity and Access Governance

Centralize user identity inventory, automate user access reviews, analyze permissions and entitlement checks with JupiterOne. JupiterOne collects user and account assets from integrations with your security and technology stacks to provide accurate identity and access analysis capabilities.

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Team DevOps: Connect Your Entire Toolchain

JupiterOne is the Connecting Fabric Across Your Digital Universe

Through JupiterOne’s managed integrations, teams can quickly collect identity, code repository, security tooling, endpoint, infrastructure, and ephemeral asset data and map the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment.


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Key Features

JupiterOne Maps Your Entire Digital Universe – At Scale

With a single dynamic platform, JupiterOne puts you in command of your enterprise with cloud governance, cyber asset visibility, and a simplified approach to compliance.

Full visibility of all assets is the #1 driver for CAASM

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) is on the rise. Learn why this emerging technology should be on your team’s radar.

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